Star Love and Pop (borderbasher) wrote,
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I bought my first pair of circle lenses last year in Ayuthaya's shopping mall (Thailand), they were jet black and 15 mm (Dueba brand). I thought they were lovely and I wore them until I couldn't (which was...about 4 months I think?). I actually still have them somewhere.. After that I bought Dolly black and Max Gold Brown, which were both 14.5 mm.
For some reason in the past month I have gotten into some kind of circle lense frenzy. Maybe because of the beautiful Mimi series...? So I ordered Princess Mimi Almond and Sesame Grey, Mimi Café Waffle Grey, Super Pinky green and Forest (Xtra) Blue this month, I think they are all 15 mm (...?).

I wish I could wear them all! (It's like shoes...) But I am so in love with the mimi café waffle grey:

And today I just put in the Vassen Super Pinky green for the first time:

The Mimi series is just so pretty in colouring, I can't imagine wearing any other lense brand/series. FYI, my own iris colour is (very!) dark brown. Does anyone in my friends list wear circle lenses?

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