Star Love and Pop (borderbasher) wrote,
Star Love and Pop

but i say sweet things to you all damn year round (and you never notice)

see by chloé heart cardigan (that is worth the monthly rent of my dormroom apparently)

with my ladyluckrulesok necklace i bought back in 2006

the buttons are rad

ETA: i was just dreaming about dark blue tights to go with this sweater! it will look great xD

h&m hearts dress i bought in 2007 that i love but have never actually worn. with the white tights it makes me feel sort of like a pink alice xD

ringthings i never wear because i have a thing for washing my hands all the time (can you tell how dry they get in the winter?)

in other words, i watched Love and other Disasters this evening and i should be busy studying for my two upcoming exams and preparing for the proposal for my extended essay. sad.
i'd rather be spending my waking hours with you. i will take you out grocery shopping and you can pick anything.
it will be grand and it will be ice cream.

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