a night with starry light


I bought my first pair of circle lenses last year in Ayuthaya's shopping mall (Thailand), they were jet black and 15 mm (Dueba brand). I thought they were lovely and I wore them until I couldn't (which was...about 4 months I think?). I actually still have them somewhere.. After that I bought Dolly black and Max Gold Brown, which were both 14.5 mm.
For some reason in the past month I have gotten into some kind of circle lense frenzy. Maybe because of the beautiful Mimi series...? So I ordered Princess Mimi Almond and Sesame Grey, Mimi Café Waffle Grey, Super Pinky green and Forest (Xtra) Blue this month, I think they are all 15 mm (...?).

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i'm sorry babe, but you ask too many questions. and i'm getting tired of dodging them. or answering them for that matter.

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i am currently busy with micronutrient deficiencies and my extended essay. it is going slow but steady (i hope). got trouble focusing. a bit. i guess.
swirling and twirling

i've been missing you.

what i like most about you is that you remind me of the me i would have been if i hadn't thought she wouldn't be good enough for life and the (assumed) expectations from people around her, people that had been in her life and people that were ever going to be in her life.

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a night with starry light

slippery slopes

so simple
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today was an okay day which proved (to me at least) that:
a) i need physical things to reassure me of my existence (i.e. i bought stuff of which you can see a simple diary and a strapless black corduroy dress which i love to death in this photo, i also bought a phone but i was too busy playing with it to take a photo.)
b) an okay day does not necessarily make a happier me, at 9.54 pm it has left me more anxious and rushed than a regular day.
c) i am happiest frolicking around half dressed.
a night with starry light

oh you're almost home, i've been waiting for you to come in.

if i could tell you, i would tell you that you are perfect to me. and that i had been so anxious to grow up. i have felt so rushed into becoming an adult, i now feel i have missed out on things, left certain things unfinished. things that i would have loved to see the ending of. even if they had scared me back then. even when i was very sure of myself that it was better to leave, run away, and end it as long as it was still good. leave and not let me ruin things. i must have missed the part about the violent delights that come with violent ends, or simply thought it was not worth it. (of course it would have been, and always will be, stupid kid.) if anything wouldn't be good enough for you, it would be me. i just know it. i've always known. and yet nothing saddens me more than the fact that i will never see them.